BNM Dance Team & Company Audition FAQs

  1. Will the dancer have to dance by him/herself at any time during the audition?
    1. What should be worn to audition?

      Please wear a black dance leotard OR Black Bra Top and Black Dance Shorts with suntan tights and any dance shoes that you may have. Hair should be pulled back in a neat bun.

    2. Will I have to sign up online? Or do I sign up at the audition?

      We ask that you pre-register your dancer for auditions in advance so that we know how many children to expect. To register for auditions online, please complete form below.

    3. How does my child prepare for the auditions?

      We suggest that your child review the list of skill requirements listed below so that he/she has a grasp of what can be expected. In terms of preparation, dancers should expect to demonstrate her/his knowledge of technical skills and musicality, as well as her/his ability to pick up choreography.

    4. Which age group do I register my child for?

      The schedule is based on the skill level and age of your child. Review the schedule and skill requirements to determine where your child falls.

  2. The dancers will perform in small groups to see how well they can pick up choreography. They will be asked to perform specific skills within these groups.