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Welcome to

Dance Studio 33


See schedule below

  • Shining Stars (Ballet/Acro/Jazz): 5pm-6pm

  • Ballet/Pre-Pointe: 6pm-7pm


See schedule below

  • Solo Rehearsal (Jazz): Amira B

  • Solo Rehearsal (Tap): Alana S.

  • Solo Rehearsal (Jazz): Bailey C.

  • Solo Rehearsal (Lyrical): Bentley W. 

  • Solo Rehearsal (Jazz): Zaria R.

  • Solo Rehearsal (Jazz): Marleigh J.

  • Solo Rehearsal (Lyrical): Makenzie J.

  • Solo Rehearsal (Jazz): Ariel S.

  • Solo Rehearsal (Lyrical): Nathalie W.


See schedule below

  • Broadway Baby: 10am-10:45am ((Ages 2-3)

  • Mommy & Me: 11am-11:45am (Ages 18 mn-2)


See schedule below

  • Beg. Ballet/Lyrical I: 4pm-5pm (Ages 5-8)

  • Mini Lyrical Team Rehearsal: 5pm-6pm 

  • Mini Tap Team Rehearsal: 6pm-6:30pm

  • Jazz Technique: 6:30pm-7:30pm (Ages 9-13)


See schedule below

  • Enchanted Beginnings: 10am-10:30am (Ages 2-3)

  • Beg./Int. Acro II: 5pm-6pm (All Ages)

  • Junior Jazz Rehearsal: 6pm-7pm

  • Hip-Hop III: 7pm-8pm (Ages 12-up) 


See schedule below

  • Tiny Rockstar: 10am-11am (Ages 2-4)

  • Beg. Hip-Hop I: 10am-11am (Ages 5-8)

  • Hip-Hop II: 11am-12pm (Ages 9-13)

  • BOY ONLY Hip-Hop/Tumble 12:30pm-1:30pm

  • Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo I: 11:30am-12:30pm (Ages 4-6)

  • Tap I Class: 12:30pm-1:15pm (Ages 5-8)

  • Mini Hip-Hop Trio Rehearsal: 1:30pm-2pm

  • Jazz/Ballet II: 2pm-3pm (Ages 5-8)

  • Junior Hip-Hop Rehearsal: 2pm-3pm

  • Peewee Jazz Trio Rehearsal: 1:15pm-1:45pm

  • Mini Musical Theater Trio Rehearsal: 3pm-3:30pm

  • Ballet/Pre-Pointe II: 3pm-4pm (Ages 9-13)